About Us

The history, the team and the mission – is a new start-up project with fresh ideas how to increase the profit of escape rooms companies by raising conversion on your website. The company was founded in 2017. It’s not big, probably just like yours. In 2018 we mainly decided to focus on escape rooms.
If you are the owner or a marketing manager of escape rooms and wish to improve the number of your game bookings, we have some really useful and effective solutions for you.
The main idea is to provide you suggestions how you can make better your website and tools to implement them. Suggestions for you? Yes! Based on Machine Learning and Big Data analysis our platform can create working ideas for you.
Make better your website? Yes! Every change is done with following A/B test with Safe Run technology to examine whether it works. By this our platform allows you to rid you from a necessity to invent possible design combinations, new elements or adapting them to your old design.


Pavlik Amsterdam Founder

Anastasia Amsterdam Analyst (maternity leave)

Artur Almetyevsk Developer

Nastya Prague Customer Success Manager

Vitaly Vienna Jr. Analyst/SMM

Alina Saint-Petersburg Analyst


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