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World leading solution for online presence for Escape Rooms. We boost the User Experience so that people can fall in love with their adventure even before the start.
High-growth brands trust Growity with their optimization efforts. We bring happiness to the websites of Escape Rooms.
Case Study
A bumpy road leads to bigger insights
Case Study
The accident which brought a huge growth
Case Study
Perseverance is the key in process of experimenting
I had a very pleasant experience working with Growity team. The team is small, easy to work with, efficient, creative and striving to deliver a good result. We had a meeting before the start of the project, they understood the goal, the market and asked a lot of quality questions to understand our vision. This made our collaboration run very smooth. I felt a lot of trust as their work was transperant, explained and well done. The communication was always easy and stimulated by Growity. I can easily recommend their services. Good people, good job!
Zina Delyagina, Founder of Questomatica
Working with Growity has showed us that no matter how well your website has been designed, there are always areas to improve. Their attention to detail, relentless aspiration for progress and creative ideas have helped them achieve quite impressive results on improving our conversion rates during our agreed period. It is also an absolute pleasure working with them and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.
Nargiza Murodova, Co-founder of EnigmaQuests
I was quite impressed when Growity offered to launch the redesign as A/B test - didn't expect that was possible. I knew the founder way before Growity so no surprises here. Something was good, something needed improvements, overall experience is positive. Looking forward to our next cooperation!
Yury Popov, Founder of Lostroom
Our guarantees
We guarantee increasing your revenue by 10% in 3 months. If not you’ll not need to pay us.
How can we guarantee it, if the revenue can change by more than 10% month to month?
We run A/B tests to compare our changes to the original version of the website simultaneously. This approach neutralizes external factors like season, holidays, weather and so on.
That’s right, you get the complete
service to improve the conversion
Get changes
We don’t need your code to change your website. You add Growity Tag, the rest on us.
Get insights
Google Analytics has about 400 different metrics and dimensions. We know them all.
Get results
The changes we will make for you will boost your conversion rate. Same number of visitors, more bookings
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The company
Let’s be honest – it doesn’t take much to sell the awesomeness of an escape-room. Mystery, adventure, thrills… the excitement is limitless. Booking games, however, is another story. Converting a visitor to a customer on any website can seem like its own mystery. Here at Growity, we’ve cracked the code.
Growity is a special type of data driven marketing agency, designed to boost booking rates and increase the profitability of escape-room companies. Founded in 2017, we are a small company of developers and analysts with a shared appreciation of the escape-room magic.
As such, we’ve made it our mission to fill those rooms with fellow thrill-seekers and adventurers. With the use of A/B testing and enhanced analysis, we’ve developed a formula for conversion rate optimization (CRO) on escape room websites. By adjusting key elements on your current website, we can implement effective marketing solutions to convert customers and improve your business.
Our process is based on the lean start-up concept of a learn-build measure cycle.
By seamlessly integrating our Growity tag into Google Analytics, we discover new ways of optimizing your website. We make changes, measure the outcomes, and build on the success.
In a short amount of time, we have delivered increased conversion rates for escape rooms in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona.
And this is just the beginning...
Customer Success Manager
Jr. Analyst/SMM
In the begging of every experiment the results are random. But the more the experiment progressing the more settled the results are.
We validate all our ideas before the development. Before the launch you can review the change. After the launch we report all our findings and results.
* if revenue increased by 10% in 3 months
Unlimited number of experiments
Conversion funnel optimization
Integration with Google Analytics
Analytics enhancement
Special features
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